Master Data Management

We enhance the corporate data by linking its major entities with relevant external feeds using a Master Data Management (MDM) solution, providing the single version of data enriched from all the sources

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Data Analytics

We convert data into meaningful and actionable information developing the key performance indexes and identifying the trends & anomalies. This information can then be readily be used by business for immediate improvements

Infrastructure & Compliance


We specialize in setting up hybrid cloud redundant architecture with special emphasis on dealing with sensitive data requiring compliance with HIPAA / FISMA standards. We can assist in setting up and maintaining compliance

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Business Intelligence

We provide implementation services for portal based self service tools and platforms that allow end users self service access to information, freeing up the IT groups to focus on adding more data sources and building new services

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Health Care

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No other area is as politically charged or in the forefront today as health care. The drive to provide access, efforts to maintain quality, and need to control costs - all require deep understanding of the data. DBQuest Inc. can help make sense of the complex health care data

Data Warehousing

We believe that the corporate intelligence comes from its experience, as recorded in its operational data. We harness the company's operational data in a data warehouse, allowing it to be used across the organization