Business Processes Compliance

Data Ownership, Access, data use

DBQuest Inc. has been involved in dealing with HIPAA / FISMA security implementations that require development of proper business processes to manage access to the data based on data ownership rules and data use agreements. This allows clients to quickly implement systems meeting the compliance requirements

Secure Web enabled Portals

Secure load balanced Reporting and application portals

DBQuest Inc. understands the complexities setting up portals accessed by a large user base with emphasis on security and performance. We specialize in setup of BI Portals powered by IBM Cognos, Information Builders, and Pentaho. DBQuest also specializes in setting up of security, integration with client single sign-on systems, and setup of procedures and processes to meet compliance requirements.

Database Server setup

Specialization in clustered server setup with parallel processing

DBQuest Inc. specializes in design, procurement, installation and configuration of clustered database servers with load balancing, fail-over and parallel processing capabilities. Expertise include setup of Oracle RAC (active-active) clusters, and Data Guard (active-standby) clusters. The resulting architecture can support high parallel processing requirements often needed for health care data warehouses with large volume (structured) data. 

IT Infrastructure
 & Compliance

DBQuest Inc.

IT Security Compliance

Setup of Firewalls, implementing secure protocols, encryption, De-identification

DBQuest Inc. has experience in setting up IT infrastructure that can meet or exceed the HIPAA & FISMA standards to host Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifying Information (PII). This includes setup of firewalls and firewall rules, setup of secure protocols for data in motion (https, SFTP, LDAPS), and encryption. Additionally, when reporting is necessary, we can also provide de-identification services for data