DBQuest Inc.

Data Analytics

Profiling, Trending, Exception Reporting, Outlier detection, pattern interpretation

DBQuest Inc. can help analyze the organization's data to perform data profiling to review the quality, timeliness and completeness of the data as well as its key characteristics. This is done through advanced analytic tools and functions, along with a study of the underlying standards and business processes. The result is meaningful and actionable information that can help identify inefficiencies and problems, better understand the business strengths and customer needs and bring out the business process changes needed to meet the organizational goals

Data Warehouse Development

Requirements, Data Modeling, Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL), Operations

DBQuest Inc. can help organizations harness their operational data by helping understand the business requirement for better running their data to day operations, making smarter decisions, and meeting with regulatory and compliance needs. Based on these requirements, we can develop a dimensional data model that represents the major facts and dimensions important to the business. When necessary, we would also develop an Operational Data Store (ODS) collecting data from multiple sources. The Extraction, Transformation, & Loading (ETL) code would then be developed and finally operational routines would be developed to allow automation of the process with alerts to manage operational issues. The result is a fully operational product and process that provides the organization and its trading partners up to date data that is easy to query and report.

Our Services

Master Data Management (MDM)

Guiding an organization to build its data assets in single repository

DBQuest Inc. can help organizations navigate through the multiple versions of truth data to perform data profiling to review the quality, timeliness and completeness of the data as well as its key characteristics. We can help identify the right MDM tools and help implement them. We can help establish the data precedence rules, and ensure that the profiles for important entities in your organization are built from the best available information from the internal and external data sources. The result is a unique and complete profile for all the important entities for the organization.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Self Service tools for Business to review, analyze and use the data to make intelligent decisions

DBQuest Inc. can help you capitalize on your Data Warehouse investment and transform that data into parameter based reports, On-line analytic processing cubes, and flexible ad-hoc queries. while ensuring proper security for compliance with data use agreements. We start from tool selection, infrastructure setup, help with development, and take it to implementation. But we continue providing the business users the necessary support and training to ensure acceptance and use.